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What to do before submitting a script?


Soo, I'm assuming you're here because you've finished your brilliant script and are now looking for guidance for the afterparty side of things. Getting it sold and made! Well, this is short and quick, just a few pointers to make sure you're all good.


Never submit a body of work without copywriting your idea/script first. There is nothing to prove without proof; big companies can adapt your idea and portray it as original. To avoid unnecessary lawsuits and your hard work taken away from you, always ensure it's copyrighted before sending it off.


The format is very imperative when creating a script, a screenplay layout is very particular and must follow the conventional format structure. It's very likely that your script may not be read if it's not formatted properly. You can always find a script supervisor/editor to always help and make these adjustments for you.


Always make sure that you're not creating a script off the back of something else. Ensure your script is original unless you have permission to do so. Allow your space for creativity to grow and flourish. Original and different ideas are more likely to spark the interest of producers and execs.

You got this!

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