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How to become an actor and get into the industry...


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A passion that beats at the heart of many individuals, the acting world presents so many different worlds to become lost in. Whether it be a comedy, action, thriller, adventure, sci-fi or romance. Serving so much longevity throughout one's career, acting seems like the most unrestricted industry career to be in. But how does one become an actor?

So let's start off by asking why you want to become an actor/actress. Have a think and gather your own thoughts on why you want to act. Passion serves greater advancement than popularity and fame. There’s more to the industry than just starring in the next hit Hollywood film or Netflix. Here are a few mediums to help organise acting opportunities available to you.

1. Training and Experience

Although academic training or drama school isn’t a necessity for becoming an actor. However, you need to demonstrate talent and passion for acting. Not just wanting to become famous or get rich. That can lead to a lot of disappointment. We recommended assessing whether you have the following:

  • Knowledge of the arts

  • Ability to work well with others

  • Determination

  • Good initiative

  • A good memory

  • Demonstrate good communication and professionalism

If you can get into acting classes or schools, we highly recommend it as a training ground to help you flourish in your skill set and ability. Training is good; the more experience and knowledge you have, the better it will be for you to shine.

Here are a few, of our UK-based acting school recommendations:

RADA - Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

LAMDA - The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

BOV - Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

IDSA - Identity School of Acting

MET Film School


Having headshots and body shots is very important, casting directors will get a feel if you fit the role they are looking for and it demonstrates your professionalism, by having your headshots ready. Try to take them inside a studio or hire a photographer, so that they are clean and crisp. Regularly submit yourself to open castings, do small short film projects if the role suits you and sparks your interest and continually update your CV and showreel. Allow directors to have the opportunity to see how you act and get a feel for you on screen.


Lastly, always find ways to build your connections, a lot of the time it’s who you know that can help you get a foothold into the acting industry. Attend networking events and stay connected on social media for opportunities that are available. Don’t be embarrassed or shy. Spread your wings and gear up the confidence to bring you one step closer to your dream career.

We can't wait to see you on the big screen!

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