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The power of Storytelling.


Brownstone Studios first-ever print magazine and we've had the privilege of featuring so many talented filmmakers, industry pioneers and creatives across the UK. We are honoured to celebrate the richness of Black British Culture and allow this to be a platform to show the world, their incredible talent.


Our cover is graced by Shantí, the founder of Brownstone Studios. Her track record for film and being an industry game changer is evident in her work. Her passion for storytelling not only transcends the big screen but also theatre.  As a director, screenwriter and producer Shantí wants the world to know that Brownstone Studios will shake the industry. Her entrepreneurship and drive are breaking down barriers that felt too big for her at a certain stage in life. We are excited to see her journey grow and continue to develop. 


This first edition of the magazine includes guidance on successful filmmaking, creating film treatments, funding and so much more. It's an edition you don't want to miss. Brownstone Studios is beyond proud of this milestone and we can't wait for you to enjoy your copy.


Thank you to our contributors Safeen James, Ibrahim K. Muhammad, Ronita Awoonor-Gordan, Ore Adedeji and Sid Edwards. 

Shantí: Spring Edition Magazine Vol.1

Expected to ship by June 3rd
  • Cover: 300gsm Recycled
    Size: 216mm x 280mm
    Spine width: 9.00 mm
    Sides: 100
    Binding: Perfect (PUR)
    Orientation: Portrait
    Paper: 135gsm Recycled Uncoated


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