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Brownstone Studios have released their debut film Painted Pain, directed by Shantí. This film takes the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster through the eyes of Adrian, Romario Williams, a husband learning to cope with life without his wife Olivia, Taja Morgan. The film does not rely on dialogue for its plot, allowing the audience to cognitively engage with the visual elements of the film.

The cinematography in this film, makes you feel almost as if you are present with the protagonists. Whilst the transitions between scenes transport you between contrasting emotions, stabilised by the keys played by Henry Onwordi. Keeping you company, as you process the subtle details of the movie.

It is these subtle features which create suspense, retaining viewer intrigue with the storyline, of a film you will likely want to watch more than once. Each watch will have you piecing together the unspoken clues and learning more about the characters than the last. This is a film that Brownstone Studios should be proud to call their first out of many more, that will be coming out of this production company.

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