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‘Behind You' is the first drama that Brownstone Studios has released, the mini-movie is full of suspense from start to finish, keeping the audience on edge.

As with previous movies directed by Shantí such as Painted Pain, the film is without dialogue and will have the viewer full of anticipation for the next step in the storyline. The film is shorter than Painted Pain in length, but retains the visual engagement in the same way, but with more dramatic tension; built from the high stakes of being set in an unknown environment. The film features graceful and expressive performances by both James Corbin and Amele Sossavi, really bringing to life the internal feelings of the characters. This is a different style of film from the others, it featured in Brownstone's film festival but based on viewer feedback, it surely will be a style we see employed again in the future by Brownstone Studios.

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