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'Is temporary me or you' takes you on a journey of an emotional rollercoaster of Sariah and Will. The couple face a turbulent shift in their marriage and are struggling to see it through. Broken down by a lack of communication and trust Sariah reveals a hidden secret that just might be the detriment of their marriage. Can they stand the test of time or will the collapse of their union be soon upon them?

This was definitely a standout film from Brownstone Studios, their first short film to have an audible dialogue between characters. The actors Tânia Miranda De Carvalho (Sariah) and Bony Fonseca (Will) deliver draw-dropping performances, for this film. The acting is real, raw and genuine, almost feeling present as the viewer. The intimacy and chemistry are beautiful and relatable. The film ends with suspense, shock and you wanting more. It definitely showcases the standard of quality films, Brownstone will endeavour to produce in the future. Fantastic, dynamic, creative directing and writing by Shantí who created this new short film. The link will be in the bio, it's a must-watch.

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